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Sequence Controllers

Why Sequence Controllers is most important...?

Sequence Controllers


Sequence Controller iSC-R11-90

2 AC Timer Sequence Controller. Microcontroller based intelligent device can be manage all Air Conditioners turn by turn as well Time and Temperature.

Sequence Controller iSC-R11-T

2 AC Timer - Sequence Controller iSC-R11-T controls two Air Conditioners and allows to set desire time 1 hour up to 12 hours while the temperature 18 to 30 degree Celsius. Controller iSC-R11-T switches all Air Conditioners automatically turn by turn after expiring the timer. Sequence Controller iSC-R11-T increase Air Conditioners' life and does know better how to share the time between all Air Conditioners.

Data memory use to save user parameters like Set Temperature, Set Timer value, Running Hours passed of running Air Conditioner. AC Timer Sequence Controller iSC-R11-T have Alphanumeric LCD 4x20 to display the set parameters and status. You can view Set Temperature, Room Temperature and Timer Value. Sequence Controller iSC-R11-T Automated bypass if found any error in self system and direct one Air Conditioner.

Sequence Controller iSC-R11-T also monitor the Temperature, if Temperature goes high it turn on the all Air Conditioners and running all until the temperature level goes low. Alarm will be activated if all Air Conditioners are running and Temperature increase 6 Degree Celsius more than Set Temperature.

Sequence Controller iSC-R21-T

3 AC Timer, Sequence Controller for 3 AC